How Do I Upload and Edit My Logo

Image Uploading and Editing:

Q: What image sizes are best to upload for my slide show?

A: For the slide show 250 pixels high by 500 pixels wide is best.

Q: What image size is best to upload for my logo?

A: 150-250 pixels high by 150 pixels wide is best.

Q: Will you assist us with our images?

A: Yes – we will edit your images to look the best they can, just use our contact form and we will let you know where to send your images.

Q: How do I set my logo image to be my main image?

A: The first image you upload will be your main image.
To later change your main image:
log in to and then you will see the following screen:
When you have clicked the “My Website Listing” link (shown above)
the five listing steps window will open.
Scroll down and click on the step five “YOUR LOGO/IMAGE” link
After step five expands type numbers into the boxes next to your image names (shown in image below) then save.


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