Frequently Asked Questions

Creating Your Listing

Q: Why should I create a listing?

A: Linking up Insurance Claims Vendors & Professionals with the Insurance Claims Industry.

The primary purpose of CLAIMSDEX.COM is bringing together Insurance Companies with qualified Vendors.
What makes CLAIMSDEX.COM different is that it attracts both vendors and the Insurance claims entities that makes the referrals. There are many other directories that provides a list of vendors in various categories.
But, it does not help your business just to be listed alongside your competitors.
Claimsdex.com engages the key people by providing updated Videos, New Feeds & Twitter.
We provide actual leads for you the vendor.
Q: What do I get when I add my listing?
A: Responsive website – Claimsdex can be viewed without losing quality on various devices : Laptops, Ipads, Smart Phones. + Google now ranks Responsive Sites higher in their algorithm.
Your business can now be found anywhere and anytime via Smart Phones.
    • Search Engine results – get found faster.
    • High Visibility – list your business with national and local brands.
    • Free Listings – if you just want to try it out. You still get email marketing tips and networking opportunities.
    • Announcing your business as Insurance Friendly – you are experienced in dealing with industry requirements.

It doesn’t matter how good you are if the ones that makes the decisions don’t know about you.

Just think what one more client would mean for your business.

No one can guarantee that listing your business here will get you new clients today.

We will take your business and put it in the face of the decision makers. How you respond to contacts and how much information you provide will make the difference.

So why should List Your Business? Simple.

If you want to do more business with the Claims Industry then you have got to be seen. Claimsdex.com brings your business High Visibility and links you to other top vendors in the Claims Industry.

Q: Where do I start?
A:First Register for an account
Q: Whats next?
A: Next Log in using your username and password
Q: And then?
A: Then Create your listing


Payment Methods & Details

Q: How to finish and get my listing live?
A: If you did not make payment after finishing/editing your listing:
Click the “My Website” Listing link in your “My Account” area (shown in image above).
You should now see your abbreviated listing (see image below)
Click the “more details” button (shown above) and you will see the payment buttons as shown in the image below.
To finish follow the remaining steps shown below.

After making payment your listing will go live.

Image Uploading and Editing:

Q: What image sizes are best to upload for my slide show?

A: For the slide show 250 pixels high by 500 pixels wide is best.

Q: What image size is best to upload for my logo?

A: 150-250 pixels high by 150 pixels wide is best.

Q: Will you assist us with our images?

A: Yes – we will edit your images to look the best they can, just use our contact form and we will let you know where to send your images.

Q: How do I set my logo image to be my main image?

A: The first image you upload will be your main image.
To later change your main image:
log in to Claimsdex.com and then you will see the following screen:
When you have clicked the “My Website Listing” link (shown above)
the five listing steps window will open.
Scroll down and click on the step five “YOUR LOGO/IMAGE” link
After step five expands type numbers into the boxes next to your image names (shown in image below) then save.


Choosing Categories




Editing Your Listing

Q: How do I edit my listing?
A: Click “My Website Listing”to view and edit your listing